Hayk Saribekyan

I am a candidate for a Master of Engineering degree at the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department of MIT. I work in the Computational Connectomics Group with Prof. Nir Shavit. My reseach interests are concurrent algorithms and data structures, and their applications in computational neuroscience.

I have received my undergraduate degree in Computer Science from MIT in 2016. As an undergraduate student I have interned at Google and D.E. Shaw & Co. and did undergraduate research in my current (computational connectomics) group.

Feel free to download my CV (as of January 2017).


6.836 - Multicore Programming
6.852 - Distributed Algorithms
6.824 - Distributed Systems
6.854 - Advanced Algorithms

I also took Graph Theory, Set Theory and Logic, Coding and Cryptography, Number Theory, Mathematical Biology during the Cambridge-MIT exchange program in my 3rd year at MIT.


I am a teaching assistant for 6.816/6.836 Multicore Programming course at MIT.

I have participated in two Global Teaching Labs programs: in Italy and in Armenia. Members of MIT Armenian Society, including myself, have played an active role in initiating the program in 2015. So far we have successfully, completed two GTL Armenia Programs.

My brother and I work work on making short educational videos for school students that teach how to use computation in a variety of problems, such as modelling planet movement. See the website (in Armenian).

Prior to MIT, I have trained the Armenian national team for International Olympiad in Informatics and was the deputy leader of the team in IOI 2011 in Thailand.


  1. A. Matveev, Y. Meirovitch, H. Saribekyan, W. Jakubiuk, T. Kaler, G. Odor, D. Budden, A. Zlateski, and N. Shavit, “A multicore path to connectomics-on-demand,” in Proceedings of the 22nd ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming, to appear in 2017. (Best Paper nominee).
  2. Y. Meirovitch, A. Matveev, H. Saribekyan, D. Budden, D. Rolnick, G. Odor, S. K.-B. T. R. Jones, H. Pfister, J. W. Lichtman, and N. Shavit, “A Multi-Pass Approach to Large-Scale Connectomics,” 2016. [arXiv]


Hayk Saribekyan
hayks at mit dot edu